Lodane Erisian


Producer, Mass Media & Multimedia
Platform Consultant, Twitch & Discord
Community Manager & Automator

EXPERTISEEducation: Majored in 'Film and Video Production,' studying under Gray Frederickson (producer, The Godfather, Apocalypse Now); program founder & artist in residence at OCCC. Returned to college as a 'Mass Communications' major, at Rose State College, sharpening the 'Multimedia Design' skills as well. BBA in 'Organizational Leadership' pending.Generation Whisperer: Elder Millennial Spinster, raised by Silent Generation parents, Gen-X siblings, close relationships from Gen-Z all the way up. Helping a group of diverse age fill the gaps from 'Maynard G. Krebs' to 'Superpowered Shaggy' memes is a breeze.Pop-Theology: Parody Religions, Cinema as Scripture; The "Illuminati" (historical, fictional, & modern conspiratorial); The modern innovation of New Age Movements, Neo-Paganism & Wicca -- and their role as lifestyle/consumer markets; Legalities of Seeding ANY Church or Charity. (USA only)Latina | LGBTQIA+ | No Stranger to Adversity :)


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